8 call center KPIs you have to measure

We can all agree, that every call center needs key performance indicators in order to maximize efficiency, to celebrate achievements and to find out which areas require further improvement.

When analytics are used correctly, you can see real data on how your call center operates and it gives you the chance to prepare an action plan to elevate service level and exceed your customers’ expectations. After all, in the end, it doesn’t matter what the numbers are, but rather what you do with them. 😊

Let’s see which 8 KPIs are essential for you to measure in your call center!

  • First Call Resolution

FCR has to be the first item on the list of necessary KPIs, because this is a measure that directly impacts customer satisfaction.

Nobody likes to wait for a call-back or wants to be transferred to countless departments just to receive information or deal with their everyday business – so in order to achieve maximum efficiency, first call resolution has to be amongst the most important metrics.

A highly efficient call center will have great overall and individual FCR as well.

  • Occupancy rate/Productivity

You cannot lead a proficient call center without measuring this KPI. To maximize efficiency, productivity has to be measured overall and individually as well.

Normally, call center managers tend to push for maximum occupancy rate, but it has to be handled cautiously in order to avoid agents’ burn-out that consequently will significantly affect the overall performance.

  • Service level

Service Level is a critical call center KPI, that allows you to monitor what percentage of calls are answered in specific timeframe. In a well-functioning call center, agents thrive to answer incoming calls without seconds in order to provide a high level of service and reduce the number of dropped calls.

  • Call Abandonment Rate

Measured together with service level indicators, call abandonment rate is showing the average percentage of calls that were disconnected before reaching an agent.

The target always has to be to minimize the Call Abandonment Rate, normally to keep it under 5%.

Monitoring this KPI alongside with Service Level provides an opportunity for call center managers to make adjustments and staffing decisions in order to improve the general performance.

  • Average Handle Time (AHT)

AHT is a KPI that measures how much time it takes for an agent to complete a phone call from connecting to the customer until hanging up. This KPI is one of the best indicators to measure individual agent performance. Efficient agents work fast and have a low Average handle Time, without compromising on quality.  AHT also helps management plan schedules and staffing to always be able to provide the highest level of customer service.

  • After Call Work Time (ACW)

Call center agents do a lot of additional work outside of actively talking to customers. Once a conversation finished, they normally have to update the database, close the poll, add the finishing touches in the CRM system, in order to be ready to move onto the next customer.

All of these additional tasks take time and this time is measured by the After Call Work Time KPI.  An efficient call center thrives to minimize bureaucracy, simplify processes and keep ACW on a low level to ensure that agents have enough time to interact with customers.

  • Peak Hour Traffic

Each one of us experienced, that calls are not distributed evenly during the day, nor there are two identical days. The Peak Hour Traffic KPI must be measured if you don’t plan to be guessing the number of agents needed for efficient service in certain time periods.

This metric is also important to monitored in order to prepare agents for the busiest hours and to avoid higher stress levels that will lead to performance drop and eventually to burn-out.

  • Customer Satisfaction

If you are interested in the overall performance of the call center, customer satisfaction must be measured. This KPI can be generated through various inputs, most commonly via customer surveys.

A couple of questions can give a great insight into how the call center fulfills the customers’ expectations and allows you to monitor the level of satisfaction with clear and plain data.

We made sure, that on the Nexios dashboard you can measure all the above and countless more KPIs, so we can give you the maximum support to achieve greatness in your call center.

If you are interested in which other metrics can be measured, request a demo!

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