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Nexios video identification

2020 is a challenging year for the business world. With the outbreak of COVID-19 it became unusually hard to meet the predefined targets, especially in the customer-facing industries.

However, it’s not only the companies, who suffer the consequences of the lockdowns and quarantines. End-users also have a hard time managing their everyday life while being exiled from banks, telecoms and even government institutions. Nobody has ever imagined that paying your bills, opening a bank account or renewing your passport will eventually become a luxury.

Nevertheless, new challenges require new solutions. This is the main reason why Nexios has developed video identification. With the use of this tool, it’s not necessary anymore to have a face-to-face interaction with your customers, every transaction can be sorted via a simple video call.

During the call, all the identification steps can be processed and stored, making it needless to take physical copies of loyalty cards, monthly passes or IDs. Two-factor authentication ensures maximum security and makes sure that the end-user enjoys the simplest way to prove their identity. All personal information is being processed and stored according to the highest data protection standards, making the video-identification tool a safe solution to provide a continuous service to the end-users.

With this tool, it’s not necessary to postpone or completely cancel face-to-face customer meetings. Companies can maintain regular business, manage their consumers and ensure the satisfaction, even in these challenging times.

Show your users that you care not only about their health and safety, but also about providing them with great customer experience when contacting you online.

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