5 tips to effectively train newcomers virtually

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our lives during the past 2 years. Businesses had to adapt to remote working conditions, virtual meetings and online staff management – and it presented countless challenges to most companies. Many had tried to postpone hiring new employees, expecting the pandemic to finish and everybody to return to the […]

CRM: On premise vs. Cloud

Cloud-based CRM systems are becoming increasingly popular as the simplest way to store and process your data. But, is it always the right choice? Some people are ambassadors of cloud and cannot imagine using anything physical, while others have their doubts about replacing the on-premise setup. What is the reality? How can you find the […]

8 call center KPIs you have to measure

We can all agree, that every call center needs key performance indicators in order to maximize efficiency, to celebrate achievements and to find out which areas require further improvement. When analytics are used correctly, you can see real data on how your call center operates and it gives you the chance to prepare an action […]