CRM: On premise vs. Cloud

Cloud-based CRM systems are becoming increasingly popular as the simplest way to store and process your data. But, is it always the right choice?

Some people are ambassadors of cloud and cannot imagine using anything physical, while others have their doubts about replacing the on-premise setup.

What is the reality? How can you find the right choice for your company?

  • Equipment

The most obvious difference between the on-premise and cloud-based setup is where the information and software is kept.

With an on-premise deployment, the servers are kept on the spot, while with the usage of cloud the CRM system is stored on a remote location and accessed via internet connection.

This is definitely a major advantage for a cloud CRM, there are no hardwares to install and there are no software maintenance issues to think about.

It’s also important to have in mind the financial investment: data centers and IT equipment are a significant cost that businesses have to pay upfront as opposed to the cloud system’s „pay-as-you-go” approach.

  • Scalability

If you need more storage capacity, it’s only a matter of subscription when you are using a cloud-based CRM software. However, if you decide to deploy an on-premise setup, additional storage means additional servers to purchase.

  • Business processes

Cloud CRM systems can be accessed from multiple different locations, making it useful for those call centers who operate in different cities or even countries. This also means that setting up a remote call center doesn’t require any additional deployment, you can have your agents work from home right away.

The information stored in the cloud is always up-to-date, which avoids the risk of version conflict, that’s easy to happen with an on-premise setup if data is modified by multiple colleagues.

Looking at the advantages above, it seems like cloud is definitely the preferable choice for a business with a call center.

However, difficulties with moving all of the existing processes of your company to a different CRM system might be another factor in not migrating.
Nexios has an „easy-to-install” approach, so you can have your call center up and running in 24 hours without the support of IT personnel.

If you are considering moving to cloud, contact us for more information!

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