A1 – Slovenia

27% increase of productivity with virtual queuing, call deflection and real-time statistics

After a long period of working with their previous provider, A1 Slovenia has decided to review different options for their overall call center software. They became highly unsatisfied with the feature-set that was available to them, lacking key functionalities that over the time proved to be essential in order to stay productive. Management was eager to modernize the entire system in order to gain a full overview of their daily work, save time and make their processes more efficient by adapting new functionalities and features from a reliable new provider.

In order to meet the lengthy list of requirements, Nexios has deployed an on-premise solution with 11+ different integration points. Along the implementation, a fully customized feature-set was prepared to elevate the level of productivity:

  • Virtual queuing with automatic call back option to save time and organize work more effectively
  • Call deflection or agent offloading via automated SMS to chat apps and live chat to maintain a healthy work environment while still providing outstanding customer service
  • Real-time statistics with customized KPIs to increase the overall visibility and support management
  • Selfcare portal with instant platform administration in all segments


Beside the above, Nexios also deployed a joint call center platform for all the telesales partners of A1 Slovenia, making it significantly easier to overview the daily work of outsourced agents due to everyone using the same solution.

Since the implementation of the Nexios system, A1 Slovenia has experienced a remarkable 27% increase of productivity and significant elevation of the general efficiency in the call center. The newly adapted functionalities allow them to organize work in a more constructive way, leading to a healthier work environment without having to compromise on the quality of customer experience.

Having the same, joint system with all the partners allow the management to overview outsourced activities the exact same way as they do with their own teams.


“Our call center went through a transformation when we started using the Nexios platform. With the new features we can finally have a clear overview of the processes and make decisions benefitting the whole company. The tools that are now available to us are supporting the call center to be capable of providing that high level of customer service, our users are expecting from us.”

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