53% higher productivity and no downtime due to deciding to opt for the Nexios platform

Crodima is a company that offers services in the field of direct sales. In their telesales call center they were using an on-premise solution, but it proved to be seriously impractical when restrictions took effect due to the global pandemic.

With the use of the on-premise solution, they could only work on half capacity in order to accommodate the rules and regulations of the global pandemic. Their productivity and effectiveness were below expectations and they could not provide satisfactory service to their clients.


They soon realized that in order to raise the level of productivity, agents have to start working from home, so they were in urgent need of a call center solution that offers the much-required mobility and can be set up instantly in order to avoid downtime.

It was an urgent, but important decision to look for a new provider who is able to supply a setup that serves the needs of the telesales call center and parallelly offer flexibility and immediate readiness.

Nexios was up to the challenge to prepare a mobile, simple-to-use solution that can be utilized any place and any time, only internet connection is required.

By mobilizing the development team and prioritizing the project, the setup was completed within 24 hours, allowing Crodima to avoid downtime.

Once the Nexios platform was up and running, Crodima was able to provide work for every agent in the call center. By having their full team utilized, they managed to increase the overall productivity by 53% and were once again able to provide a high level of telesales service to their clients.


“We consider ourselves very lucky that we found Nexios and decided to start using their solution. They have provided us with a perfect system that agents can use from any location and the speed of the setup absolutely exceeded our expectations. Exactly what we needed!”

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