Achieving higher than 90% response rate with the help of automated call-queuing

Decathlon Croatia and Slovenia experienced a significantly low response rate and they have attributed their problems to the complicated internal procedures and the overly complex, hard-to-use interface, that made agents’ work unnecessary hard. However, the main issue was the lack of automation, that could only be solved with a change of provider.

Decathlon’s main criteria for the new solution was to to automate processes within their contact centre in order to make everyday work significantly faster and more effective, ultimately resulting in a growth of overall response rate.

In order to solve the outstanding issues and increase the essential KPIs, they have decided to implement the Nexios platform to receive incoming calls as a support for their webshop and provide customer care services for their buyers.

The main advantage was the simple, intuitive dashboard that is easy to understand for agents and management as well. Beside the above, the Nexios platform allowed Decathlon to automate the call-queuing, which ultimately made the handling of inquiries faster and more effective.

„Since the implementation of the Nexios platform, our productivity has increased significantly.

With a simple dashboard and automation of certain processes with which we had difficulties before, Nexios has greatly contributed to the high level of response rate that we maintain on a monthly basis (>90%).


The support team is always available and up to date in troubleshooting/bugs, and always open to upgrade or develop a new feature if the need arises. “

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