Margon Media

28% increase of overall productivity with smart routing setup

Margon Media is a call center service provider, working in the fields of media, telecommunication, financial and public services. They were looking for a multi-service platform in order to be able to provide support to their customers and have a flawless, smooth resolution of calls, both incoming and outgoing. Margon Media was looking for a new provider who can supply an intuitive, flexible solution, tailored to their needs and allow them to route calls based on agents’ knowledge. They needed a setup that can both support a high-level customer service call center, but also offers an option to contact clients in order to follow up previous queries and fulfill questionnaires.

Nexios has offered Margon Media a fully customized call center platform with simple, easy-to-understand dashboard and functionalities. The solution includes complete customer care platform with smart queuing to be able to work with inquiries of different nature and handle queries with ease. Outbound calling services has been added as well, as it is crucial for Margon Media to be able to contact customers on demand when required.

Since the implementation of Nexios, Margon Media call center agents can more easily solve incoming requests which resulted in a 28% increase of overall productivity. Smart queuing enables all the operators to work on calls directed specifically to them, making the workflow more efficient and consequently providing a better experience to their customers.

„Nexios is allowing us to organize our work more effectively, which led to a significant increase of productivity. Thanks to the smart queuing setup agents work on calls based on their specialty, so we are not wasting time on transfers anymore.“

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