42% higher efficiency and productivity with progressive dialer and custom analytics

TellMe is a company operating a telesales call center on a large-scale in order to provide outbound call services to their clients. They were looking for a solution to be able to measure numerous KPIs and analyse their daily work in depths in order to be able to increase the insufficient efficiency and productivity. It was important to have customized reports, so retrieving information is as simple as possible.

After evaluating all the pain points and requirements for the TellMe call center, Nexios has proposed to set up a fully customized cloud solution. Background development made sure that each of the requested KPIs can be measured and easily analyzed through personalized reporting and dashboard.
The setup has been also equipped with progressive dialer on all agent accounts in order to boost efficiency and productivity without additional manual labor.

TellMe has decided to implement Nexios in their call center and after multiple years of cooperation, the results speak for themselves.

The overall agent productivity has increased by 42%, because the management is able to closely monitor the every-day work with ease.


„We are more than satisfied with the performance of the call center since we have decided to implement Nexios. Our results couldn’t be more convincing.

We searched for a new provider, because we wanted to be able to measure everything in order to improve. Their team made sure to present us with a fully customized solution, even when we had several additional requests regarding analytics. “

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