Vodovod i kanalizacija – Split

Improving communication and providing better customer service by using detailed analytics and reporting of activities

VIK Split was facing major problems during their daily work, as they did not have the ability to monitor their calls or a solution for recording conversations. The lack of these features and the inability to review statistics prevented them from performing quality work and investment in improving it. All this has resulted in a lack of synergy between the public service and citizens and poorer communication within the company itself. Due to the unsatisfactory service provided, citizens has refrained from submitting their inquiries by phone, so the resolution and the overall work process became significantly slower and unnecessary complicated.

As a solution, they decided to fully implement the Nexios platform. After carefully evaluating the requirement and the areas of improvment, Nexios introduced a unique, customized setup, that provided VIK Split with multiple new features to resolve their outstanding challanges. With the implementation, VIK Split has gained access to the following new features:

  • complete overview of activities through reporting
  • call recordings and storage of sound files
  • detailed and simply accessible statistics and analytics
  • call segmentation with the specification of the call reasons
  • simplified communication of citizens with the public service and better quality of service

After the implementation of the Nexios contact center solution, citizens have regained their trust in the call center and started placing inquiries once agin by phone. Currently, VIK Split solves 90% of all inquiries in their call center, which allows them to process requests much faster.

Thanks to a system that connects everything and at the same time makes them more accessible to citizens, it was easier for employees to work, all with complete control over calls, answered and missed.

„Since we are using the Nexios platform, we have access to excellent analytics and reporting, providing a complete overview of our work, so we have the ability to constantly improve and provide better service to our customers.“

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