Below you can find a distinguished set of features available in Nexios

Call distribution

You can choose between O3 (Out-of-Order) or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). In the case of ACD, you can prioritize your agents and give more skillful agents option to take more calls or use agents as dispatchers.

Call recording

Record every inbound or outbound call on the system automatically or per request. Access and listen to your call recordings at any given time.

Caller Id

Agents can choose from which line they will originate the outbound call. In this way, the customer will get proper contact information for returned calls.

Call routing & Auto-attendant

Setup your custom call routing and define how incoming calls are handled. Route your calls to agents, external numbers or straight to voicemail based on the time and day.

Call Transfer & Call Hold

Transfer your calls to other agents or queues and put your customers on hold at any time.

Time based & skill-based routing

Route calls based on specific time and agent skills.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Easily build inbound and outbound IVR. Change and update call-flows in real-time self-care environment. Play messages before and after call answer, be interactive with your customers in pre-queue and post-queue scenarios.

Direct agent connect (DAC)

Allocate direct agent numbers (DDI) and specify additional failover actions in the case that agent is not able to take a particular call. These options include fallback to default Queue, Voicemail or Follow-me option.

RoadRunner agents (OnWatch)

Road runners or OnWatch agents can take any call even though they are not using Nexios agent frontend. These agents are always available agents, field operators or maybe home-office stationed personnel during holidays.

Click-To-Dial (C2D)

With click to dial functionality call your contacts from your addressbook, contact history or any report that contains contact info.

Call queuing

Nexios makes no limitation on numbers of calls in the queue and you can create as many queues as you need. Inform your waiting customers about their position in the queue and the estimated time of call answer. With Queue Escape option waiting customers can leave the queue at any time and leave a voicemail or generate a callback request.

Coaching & monitoring

Coaching and monitoring (supervise) are enabled in real-time for every active call. The supervisor can step-in at any moment and coach or listen to the agent during the call.

Missed Calls (MCF) & Abandoned Calls (ABC)

Nexios tracks every missed & abandoned calls.

Maximum Wait Time (MWT) and No Available Agents (NAA)

With MWT & NAA options we can avoid indefinite waiting in the queue when there are no available agents or in case of an increased load. Give your customer additional information, an opportunity to leave a voicemail message and contact them when the agent can handle their call.

Contact taging & prioritization

You can easily assign tags to your contacts as well as setting contact priority level so you can handle “fat customers” efficiently. Contact tags and contact prioritization give you an option to route calls based on defined tags/priority.

Callback reconnect (CRF)

With Callback reconnect you have an option to automatically reconnect caller with the last contacted agent within dynamically defined time-frame.

Queue escape

With queue escape, we can enable escape option within the queue and give a customer an option to quit waiting for an agent and proceed to the Post-IVR where the caller can leave a voicemail, be notified of further actions or even request a callback.

Queue overflow

With total queue items and total waiting queue items, we can fine-tune overflow options in case of increased contact center load and define overflow destinations which can help during increased caller activity. We can inform callers about the current situation, transfer them to external numbers or other queues and give them an option to record a voicemail and wait for the callback.


Give your agents enough time to finish administrative tasks and prepare for the next call.


Manage your inbound or outbound campaigns in an efficient way. Create as many campaigns as you like, import contacts and fine-tune your campaigns behavior. Restrict access to a particular campaign and set next call delay, max retries, release cause call filter, … Choose between manual, progressive or preview dialer options. During the campaign, each contact can be assigned to a new campaign as a lead or prospect.

Custom campaign poll's

Create custom campaign poll’s or even copy existing one from other campaigns. Collect all your poll data in one place and use built-in reports and analytics to cross-check your data.

Call disposition & call topic

Call disposition represents a set of predefined labels to clearly describe the outcome of the call. By using a call disposition agent is capable to label each inbound or outbound call and help other team members to better understand call status. Combining call disposition with call topic input agent can describe the outcome of the call more clearly. It’s possible to create as many call disposition labels as required and even copy them between campaigns.

Campaign item bulk reset

The system allows for bulk reset of campaign call items. This way you can re-run all “not answered” contacts once again.

Campaign analytics

Get detailed campaign statistics such as overall campaign progress, number of answered calls, number of failed calls, rescheduled calls, release causes, etc.

Manual, Progressive or Preview dialer

Choose between multiple dialing options and keep your agents at peak efficiency.

Activity & reschedule

The system allows for direct call contact and call reschedule. The re-scheduled items (depending of the call disposition value), can appear on the Activity Tab for the agent who performed the reschedule.

Activity notifications

The system allows for direct call contact and call reschedule. The re-scheduled items (depending of the call disposition value), can appear on the Activity Tab for the agent who performed the reschedule.

Activity assignment

Give your team leaders an option to closely monitor agent activities and share and allocate due activities between agents.


Real-time reporting with KPI’s about contact center load and agents activities on a single place. Get insight into agent states, a real-time metric with thresholds and agent availability.

Agent status

Nexios will automatically update agents status to inform other team members if the agent is idle, handling the call or is away. With predefined color-coded agent states all team members will be aware of your team member current status and in this way collaborate more effectively.

Agent activity & monitoring

Nexios provides an easy way to monitor agent activities at all time.

Historical reporting

Get insight into your day-to-day operations and contact center performance. You can check inbound/outbound call metric, agents metric, missed call metric, campaigns metric, etc. You can export your historical data in .csv or .xls/.xlsx format, analyze data in external applications or create custom reports/charts based on exported data.

Contact history

Detailed contact history info about each inbound or outbound contact, campaigns, blacklist at any time at one place.

Search filters & exporting

Advanced search filters and export option (.csv, .xls/.xlsx) on all built-in reports.

Data archive

Easily archive unnecessary data such as (agents, services, queues,  …) and keep access to historical data and analytics.

Reporting API

The system provides an API for 3rd party systems to connect and collect statistical data.

Web-based real-time administration

Web-based real-time administration (Firefox, Chrome, …) without any additional hardware or software components.

No installation and no commitments !!!

Multi-carrier routing

Make and receive calls over multiple carriers and enjoy the telco lock-in free environment.

Business hours

Easily configure business working hours and route calls accordingly

Custom addressbook

Each tenant can define their own contact fields structure based on their contact profiles. You can dynamically change that structure at any time.

Contact import

Easily import your contact data, create tags, and match your imported data dynamically with address book fields.


Manage your inbound and outbound blacklist on-the-fly to ensure that you are receiving or originating the right calls.

Agent forwarding numbers (AFN)

Choose between browser-based (WebRTC), fixed-line, mobile-line or pure Ip agent connection delivery. Add as many secondary agent forwarding numbers (AFN’s) as additional destinations where Nexios can reach the agent. Using delay and timeout options we can fine tune agent connectivity flow in case agent is not reachable at primary AFN number.


The agent can setup follow-me number where Nexios can reach him in case agent is not reachable at the primary assigned number.

Cloud-based or on-premise installation

Businesses of all sizes

Depending on your needs, Nexios can provide services from the cloud or as an enterprise solution installed locally on-premise.

Service providers and telecom operators

Nexios as a platform can be a source of additional services to expand your Cloud service portfolio. With Nexios full-featured REST API at hand, the complete platform can be easily integrated into your ICT Cloud/Marketplace.


Integrate with your legacy systems using full-featured Nexios REST-API.

White label

White-label platform

Data audit & access restriction

Monitor all your data access through integrated data audit and easily find possible data misuse. Restricted access and strong password protection will keep yourdata safe.