Why Nexios

Comprehensive browser-based contact center platform.

No installation, no commitments and predictive pricing.

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Why Nexios?

because it’s customer oriented

Understanding our customer requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together with our customers to create a contact center platform which can offer best customer experience with ease of use. Nexios enables instant access to the latest product updates without downloads, plugins or any updates on your side.

because it’s cost-effective and scalable

Nexios is a cost-effective solution due to multi-tenancy support, it’s completely managed by our engineers and requires no IT staff on your side, no upfront investment and implements pay-as-you-go pricing model. With integrated mobility, you can serve your customers from any location, anytime. Agents only need a browser and internet connection…

because it’s quickly deployable

With intuitive and user-friendly user interface, real-time administration and analytics you’re in the control of your contact center. Nexios as hardware-free solution offers quick deployment without setup hassle in your business environment.

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Nexios Advantages

Nexios offer enterprise-grade service without additional hardware or software. All you need is internet connection and browser.


No coding or certifications is required to administer or maintain the Nexios platform. Administrative tasks are just a few-clicks away and all required configuration can be executed in real-time according to your needs.


Take calls from any location because all you need is a browser and Internet connection. Manage your contact center in real-time, access your analytics, contact history, campaigns or call recordings from any location.


Access historical and real-time analytics to measure and optimize your contact center performance. Nexios dashboard displays real-time metrics and prebuilt reports give you a historical overview and analytics.


Below you can find a distinguished set of features available in Nexios

Main features

Customized features for any requirement

Cloud based

Nexios is cloud-based platform provided as a monthly service without the need to invest in expensive hardware or software. Instead of having to design, build, manage and maintain your contact center yourself, Nexios will do it for you.


Get insight into your day-to-day operations and performance with built-in reports and analytics. You can get detailed info about each inbound or outbound contact at any time at one place. Export your historical and analytical data for further analvsis.

Agent mobility

Agent or supervisors only need an Internet connection, computer, and headset and they're ready to get started. With all the information available agents can be more effective from any location.

Cost effective

Nexios is a cost-effective and all-inclusive solution and offers one price for all the features. Run your business with an enterprise-grade platform and scale your business up and down as you need it and when you need it.


Customize your call-flows, campaigns, activities, contacts data. Integrate your legacy systems with Nexios using a full-featured REST API. Use and switch providers based on the best rates because Nexios offer telco lock-in free environment.

Continuous development

We're continuously developing Nexios in order to bring the latest technology and features to end users. Nexios enables instant access to the latest updates without downloads plugins or any updates on vour side.

Customized features for any requirement.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand a little bit more about Nexios

Nexios platform is designed as cloud service but it can be easily installed on a dedicated hardware and used as an enterprise (on-premise) platform. Regardless of installation model, all Nexios features are available to end users without any restrictions.

Nexios is a versatile platform which can be used in many flavors. Some of the usage scenarios include contact center platform, IVR or auto-attendant platform, call recording platform, announcement server (pre & post answer) and value added services platform. The platform is applicable across all industries: service providers, telecom operators, enterprises of all sizes, etc…

Users are not geo-location dependent and platform access, including all of its features, is enabled from internet browser from any location.

Nexios support REST API, which can interface with legacy and modern third party applications. Integrate Nexios.core into your legacy applications and use single-sign interface for your regular business or use our Nexios.app for complete out-of-the-box contact center experience.

Nexios platform is designed to enable scaling up or down to meet the most demanding operational requirements. With flat-licensing and pay-as-you-go billing model, Nexios ensures predictable and affordable costs for enterprises of all sizes.

Nexios administration is enabled through intuitive and user-friendly web interface. The platform itself can be managed in real-time without any delays. Besides self-administration and self-care we can offer reactive or proactive managed services including a fully managed Nexios platform, network and hosting environment including backup. Managed service includes access to our engineers or dedicated project manager. Regardless of selected support option, we offer transparent pricing with contractually agreed hourly rates.

In order to help you with the transition to Nexios platform, we can provide professional services for importing various types of data. However, due to the complexity of certain data structures we first audit and quote for each type of data. If you have further questions, please contact us for more information.

Nexios is under continuous development and improvement following a development roadmap influenced by many years of industry experience and incorporating the valuable feedback from our customers. Benefit from agile, ongoing development without the need for any additional downloads or upgrades on your side.

Nexios is a complete in-house solution and can be adjusted to specific business needs. Development of such tailored over-the-top solutions enables better utilization of Nexios features in specific customer environment. If you have further questions, please contact us for more information.

Planning to implement contact center platform or you just need more information about successful customer care support?

Besides development and implementation of successful contact center solutions, Nexios expert team is specialized in a contact center, network and architecture consultancy. We can offer business process, internal resources, and network analysis.

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Nexios is a comprehensive browser-based turnkey advanced contact center platform.
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