How to evaluate agents effectively?

Agent evaluation has been a vital part of managing call centers since forever. Assessing the performance of the frontline workers is not only important for quality assurance, but for improving the customer experience as well.

Every call center manager understands the importance of the frequent and throughout evaluation, so in this article we are scrutinizing the best ways to be the most effective in your performance review.

  • Evaluate interactions based on your existing processes

Every company which conducts a higher number of  interactions with customers have certain processes set in order to provide the same level of service to each user. This is the normally the detailed method that’s used to train newcomers and ensure that they will be able to fulfill their duties according to their best knowledge.

The smartest way to review the performance of the employees is to use these predefined processes as a guideline for evaluation. It does not only save time but also ensures a level of consistency and reassures your agents that your expectations towards them are unchanged from the first day of their employment.

  • Don’t evalute only recordings if you have the chance to review dialogs online

Outdated call center software usually only offers the option to store and replay call recordings as a means of performance review or agent evaluation. While it’s useful and reliable, it also takes a lot of time to research and listen to dialogs all over again.

However, if you have the options to listen to dialogs live – be a third party on the line as the conversation happens – you can provide coaching support AND assess the work of the operator as well. Talk about two birds with one stone!

On the Nexios platform, managers are enabled to assist on live calls – actually whisper into the ear of the agent – so why not use the time spent on these conversations to complete a part of the performance review as well?

  • Track and report performance scores by time, by agent and by teams

This advice sounds rather obvious, but what is the point of evaluating agent performances, if we are unable to compare the results with historical data or review the differences between individuals and teams?

Tracking data diligently can give you precious insights into the effectiveness of your overall operation. For example: better agent performance scores after training courses can provide a reassurance that the material taught has been useful and the training was successful or lower than average team results can indicate that the supervisor of that group would need additional support.

On the Nexios platform we developed an ’agent evalutation overview board’, that helps to organize the data you input according to your given criterias. Each scored parameter is visible on agent or team level for any time period or communication channel chosen, while percentage markers and visual charts help display the information in a more digestable way.

Time can not only be wasted on the actual performance scoring, but it can take long to review and understand the results as well. With the support of the ’agent evaluation overview board’, the performance of the call center can be seen in the blink of an eye, without the need to extract and organize the evaluation results.

If you are interested in how Nexios can help you evaluate your agents more effectively, request a free, no-obligation demo today and let us show the possibilities of the platform!

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