How to keep your remote agents motivated?

How to keep your remote agents motivated?

2020 is the year of the big global pandemic. The unfortunate spread of the coronavirus forced companies to move operations to the homes of their employees.

According to recent researches, the possibility to stay at home for office hours provides a great motivation by itself on the job market and people tend to gravitate towards companies where it’s part of the regular business.

In today’s ever-accelerated world, we have countless tools at our disposal to make remote operations work, however, the emotional input should not be forgotten either.

Enabling call center agents to work remotely requires a high level of trust, not only from the employer’s, but from the employees’ side as well.

Work in a call center can be monotonous. Not having colleagues around and support at hands reach, can break the spirit of the most motivated agent as well.

So, what can you do to keep your employees engaged at home as well?

Keep in touch

Don’t let a day go by without speaking with your agents. If possible, organize a meeting at the beginning of the shift to greet your workers and talk about the plans for the day ahead.

A couple minutes of your time can strengthen the sense of teamwork and responsibility, even if you cannot meet them face-to-face.

Keep an eye out

Achieving outstanding results in the comfort of your home can easily go unnoticed. The fastest way to lose motivation is paved with achievements never recognized. Be the manager who always has an eye on each of the agents and comments on the extraordinary results in a timely manner. Rewarding your best performer can create a healthy competition within the team, leading to organically increased results.

Organize activities

Just because you are not in the same building, it doesn’t mean that you cannot plan activities for your team. The perk of living in the 21st century is that there are numerous tools to use for engagement and team building. Get together for a drink at the end of the shift! The only difference will be, that each of you sit at a different table and you cannot get a freshly draught beer from your fridge. 😊

Have a summary

The pandemic is going on for several months now and it seems like it’s planning to overstay its welcome. It’s challenging to run your operations relatively normally during such a long period. That’s why it’s important to have a summary of the work you’ve done on a regular basis. Looking back on the results – whether they are good or bad – will give a sense of belonging to your agents, so each member of the team feels that you are in this together and every little contribution matters.

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