Live chat as part of the CRM system

In 2022, companies are thriving to create an omni-channel approach when communicating with their customers. Nowadays, offering multiple solutions to get in touch with your business is not considered bold anymore, it is rather a necessity.

Your customers are living a fast pace of life, so they appreciate anything that helps them save a couple minutes a day.

Live chat on the website is just the right way to do that.

With online customer service and e-commerce forging ahead, people tend to reach out to businesses via the web more and more often. It can be a general question or a serious complaint, it seems faster to deal with it online instead of engaging in lengthy phone calls.

Of course, email is the most obvious alternative, but what if I would just like to know a specific product detail in a webshop? Should I write an email and wait for a reply? Should I call to inquire info? Or just go to another webshop that has the data available?

Implementing live chat on your site can give you the unique opportunity to assist your customers on the spot, while browsing your pages. Be there, when they have questions, concerns or just need help right away!

Now that live chat is available as a channel on the Nexios platform, it’s not even necessary to keep a separate team to handle these inquiries.

This communication option can be added to the regular agent accounts, so the same people can deal with phone calls and incoming messages as well.

Having smart queuing enables you to direct the messages to the operators of your choice, making sure that the right people will respond to those inquiries.

The platform also offers the opportunity to monitor the source of each incoming message.

This way you can see from which sub-domain the request is coming from, giving the unique chance to pick up on the topic even before engaging in the conversation.

What about management?

Each dialogue can be monitored via the supervising function, but that’s not all.

Using the coaching feature, leaders can also get in touch with the agent on the chat. The messages coming from the superiors are not visible to the customer, only the call center operator sees them on the other end, enabling the management to intervene and help in the background whenever it’s needed.

Live chat is compatible with other available channels on the platform, so the discussion doesn’t need to end on the chat surface.

If it’s more suitable to continue the conversation via other communicational means, it can easily be switched to other channels without interruptions.

Having multiple contact solutions integrated into the CRM system and unified on the same platform incomparably simplifies the daily work of the call center.

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