Become a partner.

Nexios as a platform can be a source of additional services to expand your cloud service portfolio and provide a unique experience for your clients.

Why become partner?

You can elaborate your services by adding Nexios as a cloud call center platform to the list of your services and deliver a full solution to your users without having to spend the time and bear the costs of development.

Easy integration

Nexios has a full-featured REST API at hand, so the complete platform can be easily integrated into your ICT Cloud/Marketplace and with any of your legacy systems.

Secure usage

Monitor all your data access through integrated data audit and easily find possible data misuse. Restricted access and strong password protection will keep your data safe.

White-label setup

Nexios offers a fully customizable white-label environment, so you can personalize the platform to align the design with the rest of your services and complement your brand.

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