Email messaging is an essential method of ad-hoc communication and plays a fundamental role in conversing with clients and providing an elevated customer experience.

On the Nexios platform agents can send and receive emails the same, simple way as they are handling calls. As an all-in-one communication solution, you can enjoy the benefit of having one application for all the conversational needs, instead of using multiple tools to serve your call centre.

Nexios offers flexible, customized email messaging integration methods, so the platform is tailored to your needs, whether you are using one or multiple communication channels.

Flexible integration

We offer several email messaging integration methods in order to provide a customized, tailored solution for your company.


Build as many plain text or HTML templates as you’d like and use them again and again in order to save time and resources.

Mail categorization

Categorize incoming emails based on certain keywords or subjects for a simplified and more effective workflow.

Attachment handling

Send and receive attachments without formatting restrictions. Share documents and photos with your clients and provide a more efficient customer service.

Email as a task

Use email messaging as part of task management, see the complete history of each contact including every other channel and mode of communication.

Get your customer service up and running.