Live Chat

Adding live chat to your company’s website maximizes the potential of communication and engages more customers by allowing real-time access to information.

The advancement of technology has changed the behaviour of customers as well. Up until recently, it was enough to list the phone number to your call center, but it’s not sufficient anymore. Customers are looking for real-time, online communication options, and the providers are forced to react to this trend.
Live chat’s popularity keeps rising as visitors are looking to have live support during their journey on the website.

Simple integration

Set up live chat within minutes with minimum coding requirements and provide real-time, online communication to your customers.

Invitation to other channels

Switch to any other available communication channel whenever you need it in order to easier support the customers’ journey.

Chat bot

Send automated messages and switch to a live agent any time during the conversation. Elevate the customer experience and offer live support during the website visit.

Custom widget

Define and use your own customized widget to fit your company’s profile. It’s important to us, that your brand is displayed as you intend to show it to your audience.

Chat history

Track the entire conversation history for every discussion on the portal and provide outstanding customer service by having in mind the previous interactions.

Get your customer service up and running.