Web-based real-time administration (Firefox, Chrome, …) without any additional hardware or software components.

The Nexios platform can be set up in 24 hours enabling new users to avoid downtime.

Make and receive calls over multiple carriers and enjoy the telco lock-in free environment.

Easily configure business working hours and route calls accordingly.

Each tenant can define their own contact fields structure based on their contact profiles. You can dynamically change that structure at any time.

Easily import your contact data, create tags, and match your imported data dynamically with address book fields.

Manage your inbound and outbound blacklist on-the-fly to ensure that you are receiving or originating the right calls.

Choose between browser-based (WebRTC), fixed-line, mobile-line or pure Ip agent connection delivery. Add as many secondary agent forwarding numbers (AFN’s) as additional destinations where Nexios can reach the agent. Using delay and timeout options we can fine tune agent connectivity flow in case agent is not reachable at primary AFN number.

The agent can setup follow-me number where Nexios can reach him in case agent is not reachable at the primary assigned number.

Depending on your needs, Nexios can provide services from the cloud or as an enterprise solution installed locally on-premise for business of all size.

Get your customer service up and running.