Real-time reporting with KPI’s about contact center load and agents activities on a single place. Get insight into agent states, a real-time metric with thresholds and agent availability.

Nexios will automatically update agents status to inform other team members if the agent is idle, handling the call or is away. With predefined color-coded agent states all team members will be aware of your team member current status and in this way collaborate more effectively.

Nexios provides an easy way to monitor agent activities at all time.

Get insight into your day-to-day operations and contact center performance. You can check inbound/outbound call metric, agents metric, missed call metric, campaigns metric, etc. You can export your historical data in .csv or .xls/.xlsx format, analyze data in external applications or create custom reports/charts based on exported data.

Detailed contact history info about each inbound or outbound contact, campaigns, blacklist at any time at one place.

Advanced search filters and export option (.csv, .xls/.xlsx) on all built-in reports.

Easily archive unnecessary data such as (agents, services, queues,  …) and keep access to historical data and analytics.

The system provides an API for 3rd party systems to connect and collect statistical data.

Get your customer service up and running.