SMS messaging offers a quick, secure and reliable communication option for businesses. Texts can be delivered to nearly all mobile devices, and almost all of them are opened within minutes.

SMS is not losing its popularity, because it still is the most secure and simple ad-hoc communication method with outstanding message opening ratio. On the Nexios portal SMS messaging can be used parallelly with other channels, creating an all-in-one communication platform to provide the highest level of user experience.

Agents can use multiple messaging methods in the same, intuitive application, eliminating the need to manage several sites to perform their tasks.

Custom sender

You can use the same phone number for calls and for messages or you can choose alphanumeric (text) sender as well.

Flexible integration

We offer several SMS messaging integration methods in order to provide a customized, tailored solution for your company.

Bulk messaging

Send as many messages as you’d like to a pre-selected contact list and contact several recipients at once.

Long messages

Send multi-part messages (longer than 160 characters) without the need of any additional setup or development.

Get your customer service up and running.