The built-in task manager allows users to choose how would they like to have the list of tasks displayed. There is an option to see everything in a detailed list-view or it’s possible to opt for the visually more digestable swimlane setup.

Real-time dashboard to follow the most important KPIs related to task handling, such as total number of tasks, overdue tasks, response time, average handling time and many more. The KPIs displayed are adjustable by person, by team, by project or for the entire organization. The data is shown in a simple, intuitive way with the help of pie charts, and graphs in order to make everything understandable with just one glance.

Tasks can be filtered based on numerous criteria in order to make it easier to find the one the user is looking for. With the advanced filtering options it’s possible to narrow the search by time, by project, by priority and assignee as well. The quick time filter enables users to see all tasks for today, yesterday, this month etc. with only one click.

Closed tickets do not disappear from the task manager, they are being stored as archived items. This way users can follow up on already completed tasks and retrieve historical information as well.

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