Voice and video

Voice calls are the most popular way to conduct business between companies and customers. It offers a reliable, quick way to interact with immediate response and fast resolution.

Most companies now offer a multi-channel communication to their customers, but it’s important to remember the origin of call centres: phone calls. Beside the fact, that there is no delay in communication, phone conversations provide an inclusive information exchange, elevate the customer experience and allow an immediate resolution of queries.

Nexios perfected the cloud call centre platform to support your business in optimizing your services and engage with your customers through secure phone calls.


Your team doesn’t need any high-tech equipment, only an internet connection and a computer. You are free to choose any location to work to suits your business needs the best.


The Nexios platform is dynamic, customizable environment – personalize the call-flows, the campaign management, the reporting and the activities in order to optimize your call centre.

Video calls

Improve your customer experience and conduct secure, personal interactions via video calling.

Video identification

Nexios offers video identification as an add-on in order to support your company on the way to fully remote or hybrid work. Wipe the distance between agents and customers with rich and high-quality virtual customer service.

Predictable pricing

The scalable and flexible business model allows you to pay only for those calls that you need and prevent unnecessary charges. Predictable, package-based pricing with an extensive feature set to offer the best, affordable match for your business.

Get your customer service up and running.